Sally’s Mat Life January 2023

In 2017 I became a 500 hour Master Yoga Instructor. What that means is I did my 200 hour program then a 300 hour program along with a few specialties that gave me the certificate to call myself a Master Yoga Instructor. Sound pretty official right??


Not long after this new found “title” a very hard truth hit me in the gut.

The “title” did not make me a good yoga teacher. The certificate, training hours, or letters behind my name did not do what I thought it would do. After sometime of digging deep and working through self issues I began seeing what makes me the yoga teacher I am.


The Lord is the ONLY PLACE I fix my gaze.

Showing up to teach on days when I don’t feel like teaching.

Showing up when only one person or maybe no one shows up.

Listening to my people when they need to talk.

Being there for them during the hard days of life.

Celebrating the victories.

Giving to my people.

Investing in my classes.

Breaking bread with them.

Being consistently myself even though my grammar drives 25% of them crazy. (side note.. the other 75% gave up on year one)

Being vulnerable even if it means tears and dropping my pride.

Being real and that doesn’t mean polished. Somedays I am messy.

Last but certainly not least

Realizing I am not the definition of good, God is.


Here is the thing. Training is vital! I do it often and try to always make sure I am getting educated on the practice of yoga. BUT letters behind my name, may they NEVER be what defines me as a person or a teacher. What matters most to me is if the people that enter my class see the Goodness of who God is through this practice. I desire for them to see the Light of Jesus in me more than a worldly title.


I often think about the moment I stand before the Lord.

I imagine he will not ask me how many training hours I have in yoga or what letters follow my name.


I see that moment going more like this…


“Sally I gave you the gift of a yoga mat. How many people did you tell about me with that gift?”


My identity is not wrapped up in the temporal things of the world. It is wrapped up in pleasing the Lord with my life and that includes my Mat life.


The light in me is the light of Jesus Christ. That light honors and prays blessings over each of you! ~Sally




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