Hear What Others Have to Say

"Sally was an attentive and soothing instructor as I prepared for labor and delivery in my last month of pregnancy. I felt so relaxed and at ease despite my tendency to be anxious. Sally taught me several poses in our hour-long sessions that I utilized during the rest of the week. I also was able to use them during labor for relaxation. I loved the interactions and I especially loves how Sally was so comforting and loving. I felt the Lord’s touch on me and my daughter during each session. I am so grateful for the prenatal yoga sessions we shared!"

Megan Woazeah 

Prenatal Client 

"Sally's classes gave me the rare opportunity, while caring for my father with dementia, to get out and exercise, meet friends, go to church, relax, and have some me time all in 1 hour. It honestly saved me in a dark time, more than once. Highly recommended for everyone from beginner to advanced, men or women, all ages or sizes!"

Joline Moore

"Sally’s classes are the BOMB! Sally inspires, teaches God’s word, and instructs on all the benefits of YogaFaith - moving, stretching and strengthening bodies. She takes wholeness and soul integration to heavenly levels. Thank you Sally! Your light shines so bright! A blessing."

Karen Moore

Virtual Student 

"I look back to say, how blessed I was to be an inexperienced yogi in Sally's inaugural season. Today I witness her faithfully leading others with a momentum you can count on. With Sally's Mat, a seamless yoga experience is guaranteed. Each practice is prayerfully prepared from the devotion, music, and yoga practice. No one measures your age, or limitations, that's between you, the mat and the dim light. If you need a therapeutic stretch of body, heart and mind, come experience it firsthand. You will leave lighter than you arrive, guaranteed!"

Kippen Southerland 

"Doing yoga with Sally since January has been one of the best decisions and commitments I have made for myself in a long time. She is a great instructor for beginners as well as the most experienced yogi. The way she intermingles relaxation, stretching and a real workout with her sweet spirit, gentle touch, strong faith and Jesus is an art and a true expression of her love for the Lord, people and yoga."

Karen Starnes 

"I chose prenatal yoga from the beginning of my pregnancy to take time for me and to make sure my body was ready for my due date. Each session with Sally was incredible. It was a time for me to unplug and focus on what my body was experiencing and telling me. After the session I was relaxed and refreshed and felt more prepared for my birth experience. When the time came to have my little boy I was prepared to allow my body to relax and practice the breathing exercises Sally helped me to practice. I was ready to bring my boy into the world (Sally will even make you a playlist for labor if you ask , one with and without words!). I had private sessions with Sally one – two times a month for 9 months and do not regret them at all!"

Kaitlyn Miller

Prenatal Client 

"I have had the pleasure of being one of Sally's prenatal yoga students twice now and I 100% could not have gone through those last few weeks of delivery without her classes. She is the sweetest soul and cares so deeply through every class and beyond. Every class is so special and gives me a better sense of relaxation than the last!"

Madison Moseley

Prenatal Client 

"A couple of years ago, I kept being pulled to step out of my comfort zone and try a class. I saw it on Facebook and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I mean Jesus and Yoga?? It sounded like exactly what I needed. I couldn’t make a class because my husband worked nights. Then... Saturday am classes became a thing! I was searching for healing and boy did I get led to the right place. Sally taught me to look to God for what I was missing. I have healed a little more every class since. Class for me is full of tears, letting go, being still, moving, healing, praying and so much more. If you have been considering it like I was, please try it!!!! You will not regret it!!"

Brooke Brogdon

"I have taken Sally's Yin, flow and restorative classes on line. I love how I feel after each class. Sally's classes are wonderful to be a part of. She speaks our Lords word over us as she weaves scripture into her classes . Talk about bringing Jesus to our mats!! At the end she always lets you know how important you are and how blessed she has been to share her practice with each and every person who takes part in her class. So blessed to be a part of your community Sally."

Stephanie McGann

Virtual Student